Heart at arc with Simi : package! 

The title of today’s article isn’t a new thing to many of us as it’s something we’ve heard and it’s something we consider before purchasing goods or showing interest in anything.

To start with, what does package mean? It can be simply put as a wrapper or container that covers or holds something. Most times when we want to purchase a good or commodity we’ve never seen or used before, one thing that attracts us to it is the way it’s being packaged, same thing applies when we want to read books or even buy one, we look at how appealing the cover is to determine if it’s interesting or not but sometimes a book that has an interesting cover could be very boring while the one that has a dull cover would turn out to be interesting, maybe that’s why we have the popular saying that goes ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, though the saying is not just about the book.

On many occasions I’ve admired people and told them ‘I love your hair’, ‘Oh, your bag is beautiful’ etc and what I get in reply is ‘My sister, it’s just packaging o’, ‘Ah,it’s my friend’s bag’, now I’m not saying it’s wrong to share things or use something that belongs to a friend once in a while at least we know ‘ there’s love in sharing’ but this has now become a trend just to look attractive and ‘on point’,you want to be like that high class babe you see on Instagram, like the guy that rocks designers in your class or like your colleague at work that flaunts the gifts her spouse gave her on her birthday but before you kill yourself as a result of heart attack, depression, low self-esteem and the likes, do you realize the gate this Instagram babe uses as a background for her pictures isn’t even the one to her house, it’s a neighbor’s but she uses it to make her picture ‘postworthy’, she borrowed the Louis Vuitton bag from a friend but sadly,she can only package how she looks but can’t package ideas that would impact lives positively, the guy that rocks designers in your class might not be getting his money legally, do you even know if he’s just helping a family friend to model and advertise their goods and you already concluded the designers he wears are his? The ‘all perfect spouse’ colleague might have not gotten biscuit as a gift from their spouse before but they just have to protect their spouse’s image and you want to kill yourself? Please it’s not worth it. 

Yes, we have people that have the money, live in beautiful houses and do not borrow or live in debts to look good and wear what’s in vogue but before you start starving yourself, living in debt, wallowing in self pity or low self-esteem because you’re not living the kind of life you see on the social media, do you realize that all these things are for a while, new brands keep coming up, you don’t use what’s in vogue now doesn’t mean you’re a low class,simple is beautiful and as long as you’re presentable, then you’re good to go!

You can package yourself with what you can afford and look gorgeous but don’t go after what you can’t afford to package yourself! Whoever wants to have you in their life would want someone real, so be real with your packaging?.

Adekoya Similoluwa Abigail! 

Have a great weekend!

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