​Heart at arc with Simi: Speak out!

Yay! it’s weekend, happy weekend everyone! 
Some of us would want to relieve ourselves the stress of the week by chilling out with our friends,colleagues, spouses while some other people would want to go on dates with that person they love but it turns out to be mission impossible because the other person isn’t aware of their feelings for them and that’s the reason for this article today.

Many relationships didn’t come to be not because the people involved are not compatible or they are not meant to be together but sometimes it happens as a result of shyness and some unpractical ideas, Lily loves Rex but she can’t express herself because society believes if she tells Rex what she feels for him then she’s asking him out, funny thing is Rex feels the same way but he’s scared that Lily might not feel the same way for him, what do we do? 

For the guys, when you’re sure of your feelings for a lady, do your possible best to let her know, come out straight and tell her ‘I love you’ and not in parables, you can’t be the only one that loves her so you’ll do yourself some good by telling her how you feel early enough before someone else takes her and by then it would be too late, shyness is something you definitely have to do away with so it’s not an excuse for you not to speak out.Stop the zoning, if you want a relationship let her know, if not, let her go! Another thing is as a guy you have to realize that when a lady tells you she likes you, she’s not asking you out, it’s very foolish and immature of you to think she’s asking you out,she has every right to express herself, sensibly though☺

Now to my dear ladies, it’s a pity society thinks expressing your feelings to someone is being wayward but I don’t blame them completely cause some people have and still do it the wrong way, there are ways of expressing your feelings to someone without making it seem you’re desperate for a relationship or you’re asking him out, just be sensible and mature about it.

So, guys and ladies, help yourselves by speaking out today, let him/her know how you feel just make sure you’re doing it the right way. I wish you all the best and enjoy your weekend ☺

Adekoya Similoluwa Abigail.

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