​Heart at arc with Simi!:No one is an ?

Every rational person wants a perfect spouse,friend, relationship and perfect everything but to be realistic everyone has their weaknesses which makes some of us 0.01 close to perfection but not perfect.

A lady can be beautiful, rich, fashionable but mannerless, another can be submissive,godly, industrious but untidy, the same way a man can be loving, handsome but proud and another hard working,romantic, easy going but lacks time management, we know these flaws not to use them as excuses for our actions but to work on them to have good relationships with people. 
Sometimes, relationship don’t last because partners fail to identify their spouse’s strengths and weaknesses, another reason is comparing their partners with other people forgetting that these people also have their own flaws. The only thing that makes the difference between people is the ratio of their strengths to their weaknesses, for some people the former is greater than the latter while for some other persons the latter is greater than the former, what matters most is understanding and tolerance in the relationship. 
If you can’t deal with a person’s weakness then don’t be friends with them or go into a relationship with them and if you’re in a relationship then learn to deal with your partner’s weaknesses, work on them and help them develop their strengths but never compare them with other people cause no one is an ?.

Have a lovely weekend.

Adekoya similoluwa Abigail.

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