​Heart at arc with Simi:Love-blinded! 

Love is a very important factor to consider when going into a relationship but what happens when people seem to be ‘blinded’ by it?

It’s very common when people make mistakes when it comes to matters of the heart and all they can say to pacify themselves is ‘Love is, blind’, if you want me to be honest with you that’s a very stupid thing to say but on the other hand some people’s love are still blind and the worse thing is that they don’t realize they are blind.
Do you see someone you love as perfect and ignore people when they tell you of flaws the person has that you don’t see?
Do you do anything and everything to keep someone in your life even when you have to let go of your values?
Do you see your family and friends as less important because of that person you love?
Do you know that the one you love isn’t faithful to you but waive it because you don’t want to lose them?
Do you think it’s not important to involve God before going ahead in a relationship because you love this person and that’s all that matters to you?
Do you shy from asking your partner questions about their lives, family, health and other things just because you love them so much and don’t want to annoy them so they don’t break up with you?
Dear reader, if you have an affirmative answer to any or all of the questions above then there’s a problem☹ and that is – You’re unfortunately blinded by love which is not acceptable. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be referred to as a blind person so you have to stop acting like one.
Every detail matters in your relationship so don’t ignore what you’re being told about your partner, yes, trust is very important and there are some things you know are true or untrue about your partner without asking them but there are times you have to confirm if these things are true or not and this has to be done with wisdom, confirm from their friends, family or anyone that knows them before asking them directly, you can’t ask them everything you hear so it doesn’t cause you to argue every time which can cause your relationship to suffer.
This is also very important for the singles, before going into a relationship with anyone be very sure about their backgrounds, family, previous and present relationships, health and everything you need to know, don’t ignore anything to save yourself any stress in the relationship that’s not even worth it. ASK QUESTIONS and DON’T IGNORE THE ANSWERS YOU GET!

Assess your relationship and make sure you’re not blinded by love cause being love-blinded is not ACCEPTABLE?

Adekoya Similoluwa Abigail!

Do have a splendid weekend! Love you?

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