​Heart at arc with Simi: Ask!

Banji, you’re just too immature for my liking, I’m very sure you didn’t pick my calls because of the misunderstanding we had yesterday, that’s your business though, I just called to check on you’ read Banke’s text to her fiance. Unknowing to her, Banji’s father was rushed to the hospital because of his usual serious asthma attack and this made Banji forget his phone in the house.

Banji is home now, he picks his phone and sees his fiancee’s missed call, he’s sorry for not picking the call but he read the text and was pissed at her assumption, still, he called and explained what happened that morning to her, when she got to know this she realized how stupid her action was.
To assume is to think or accept that something is true without having proof. Many of us, including myself have been in similar situations of judging our partner or a friend’s action based on misunderstanding or quarrels we’ve had with them but trust me I regretted the outcomes of my assumptions and ever since I almost lost my  friendship with a close friend I stopped assuming wrongly.
Sometimes, people react to others because of issues they’ve had between them but this doesn’t happen every time which gives you a reason to ask questions and not jump into wrong conclusions. Did you know asking simple questions politely instead of assuming can keep your relationship stronger? It brings about peace and respect.
We’re humans and are bound to make wrong assumptions but instead of letting your emotions control you, control your emotions and have positive assumptions, ‘she might be very busy that’s why…’ ‘He might be driving that’s why…. ‘ but if you want the best for your relationship don’t fold your arms and just assume, seek the truth and do it wisely☺
So, if truly your relationship or friendship is important to you, let go of your pride and ASK questions rather assuming and jumping into conclusion.

Learn from Banke today !!!

Adekoya Similoluwa Abigail!

Do have a splendid weekend?

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