​Heart at arc with Simi:In or out!

I hear many ladies and guys these days say ‘My relationship doesn’t stop me from getting all the freedom I want at least we are not married yet’ Talking about relationship, I’m not talking about relationships between immature people which isn’t even advisable in the first place but relationships between mature people that have strong goals for the relationship.

Truth is you can’t be in a relationship and still want to act like you’re single, kolewerk?, it can’t work, that’s why before going into a relationship you must be READY and don’t just jump into it because you want to or because your friends are in relationships or your think you’re ready,you must be SURE you’re ready.
My point is you can’t be in a relationship and still have intimate relationships with friends of the opposite sex and lie to yourself that ‘We’re just friends’, what you portray to people is different from what you’re telling them and no matter how you try to convince them they’ll still tag you as a ‘flirt’. So, ask me if relationship is sort of a bondage? No, you can have all the fun you want even while you’re in a relationship but make sure you’re doing it right and it can’t be the same way it was when you were single. Don’t give yourself a bad name and bring about trust issues in your relationship,define your relationship with everybody, let your partner remain your partner, friend remain friend, mentor remain mentor and your relationship would be just fine?
Commitment and understanding are very important in a relationship but if you’re not ready to be committed to anyone and want to have the freedom to do whatever you want without considering how any particular person feels about it then relationship isn’t for you, enjoy yourself cause been single is a nice feeling? but remember you’ll leave that phase to go into a relationship, just learn while you can and for those that have taken the bold step of being committed to someone, being in a healthy relationship is very awesome and it comes with a sense of responsibility so, I salute your courage!

You can’t be on the fence when it comes to relationship, you can’t be in a relationship and act single, you’re either In or Out!

Adekoya Similoluwa Abigail!

Have a pleasant weekend!

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