​Heart at arc with Simi: Slaying without virtue! 

Slay queen, people hail you and even guys can’t stop acknowledging how beautiful and classy you are but do you know no guy, no matter how irresponsible he might be would want to settle down with you if you don’t have basic morals? He’s going to settle down with a lady that’s virtuous, a lady that can add value to his life and not just a beautiful and classy lady, he can ask to be your boyfriend and be very good to you in the course of the relationship but sorry to burst your bubble dear, he won’t take you out of that zone to be his wife because you don’t have what it takes to be a good one. 

The guys are not left out too, you have a great fashion sense and ladies can’t help but dream to have you, unfortunately, you don’t have anything to offer than your good fashion sense, the kind of ladies you’ll attract are the ones that just want a cute guy and nothing more. 
There’s nothing bad in looking good and appreciating ourselves by taking pictures and posting them on social media platforms but we must make sure we have more to offer than just slaying, don’t be a beauty without brain, be well mannered, be smart, be respectful, have positive impacts in people’s lives, help your partner achieve their dreams. 
Beauty would fade but your virtue stays

Beauty would not keep your relationship and marriage but virtue would

Everyone wants their partners to be handsome/beautiful but they’ll definitely choose a virtuous partner over one that is good looking 

So, while your beauty and cuteness is still there Keep Slaying and be Virtuous!

Have a virtuously slaying weekend! 

Adekoya similoluwa Abigail! 

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