A drama just happened now on my way home…
I was inside the keke, and this very cute girl
I was holding my Nokia Phone..
When she entered, I greeted her,
“Good Evening”
.. She didn’t answer
me.. So I felt maybe because of my earpiece
she answered but I didn’t hear
I took it off and greeted her again,
№ answer..
I № talk anything..
She was with an android phone and I
was with a Nokia phone..
She was touching the screen doing
nothing in particular but just wanted to show off…
I concentrated on the phone screen to see
what she was doing..
NOTHING!!! So I put my Nokia inside my bag..
And brought out my Bold 6, BBQ5,
and Tecno D1 all together…
Hahahhahahaahahha I held them in my
hands… And went to
the gallery to show her that the
phones (na me get am, na my pictures
dey there)
Then I went to Maps to show her our location
because I knew she was looking too…
Then I showed her some very cool
And guess what she said…???????
Bros I dey feel you o.. Abeg you get that new
P-square song???(mms-mugu möney spender) as a
sure boi
I screamed…
Driver stop me here
What I understood, Phones sometimes
define a person..
And some of girls that hold big
phones don’t know what to do with them apart
from photos..
If you doubt me, take a girl’s phone, go through
her pictures,
I bet you will see 1000 pictures

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