3 ways to solve problems.

Problems or challenges as I prefer to call them are one of the usual ingredients of life, it is pertinent that we face them as the aftermath usually points out strength, weakness and sometimes areas of our lives or work … Read More

Lessons from my hikexperience II

Thanks for reading up on the part 1 of lessons from my hikexperience, here’s the much anticipated concluding part. Do have a good read Lesson 3 Going up is hard: you must have heard or probably currently experiencing this, there’s … Read More

Lessons from my hikexperience

If you live in or visit Jos, or any part of plateau state without going on an adventure, you’ll have just been like a pilgrim who went to mecca but didn’t perform the ritual of stoning the devil at Ka’aba, … Read More

One city you don’t want to live in.

There are a thousand and one desirable cities to live in world over either because of the weather, landscape, people or other attributes that appeals to us. There are however, 2 cities no one should venture trying to live in, … Read More

Before they rush you!

So, Na dem dey rush us has been next in line in the never ending array of slang that make waves in Nigeria over the past few days. Boys, girls, old, young and all have even gone as far as … Read More

Want to hammer?

I remember listening to the song ‘yahooze’ many years ago and it had the particular line….’tim ba hammer, first thing na hummer’. Meaning, when I hammer, first thing I’ll buy is a hummer jeep. Oh well, that seemed to be … Read More

No matter what I face, when ______ comes my way! 

I’m cock sure you’re singing the song already.. smiles. This looks like an ordinary song, but I tell you, there are a couple of things I’ve been able to draw out of the song over the past few years I’ve … Read More

A Business and a Life – You Can Have Both

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Don’t Gamble with Your Business

Aliquam erat volutpat. Mauris rutrum odio sapien. Fusce ultrices lacus vel commodo cursus. Pellentesque tortor enim, mollis at accumsan in, faucibus et eros. Donec viverra posuere sem non gravida. Nunc at porttitor eros. Quisque tellus turpis, euismod vitae est ut, … Read More

Grow Your Business by Writing a Better Future

Pellentesque fringilla lorem tellus, eu commodo odio tempor ac. Donec faucibus, sapien ut faucibus molestie, nisi orci aliquet velit, eget suscipit nisl massa eget metus. Fusce quis lorem et arcu elementum varius. Phasellus a tortor faucibus, mattis ligula vel, pulvinar … Read More