Business Lesson From Christmas

A friend of mine once said almost absentmindedly that he needed to get a wristwatch and that he’d get one at the market within the range of three hundred (#300) and five hundred naira (#500), he was left flabbergasted by … Read More

When motivation is low.

One of the reasons I don’t like being called a motivational speaker is because one of my bosses usually says ‘if you motivate an idiot, you will have a motivated idiot’. It got me thinking, and I noticed that, once … Read More

Who knows tomorrow?

Nobody knows tomorrow! I am sure you have not only heard that phrase repeatedly, but have also nodded in agreement or inaudibly mumbled ‘na true o’ to confirm the assertion. What if I told you that the assertion is not … Read More

Stop stopping yourself

Do you know why God doesn’t answer some prayers? It is because the answers to some of the prayers will give birth to repercussions fatal and brutal. Picture this:Solomon is praying and asking God to kill the enemy stopping him … Read More

What did THEY say?

I know one person who has successfully shattered dreams of many and made a whole lot of others become like the Israelites who unnecessarily elongated a journey of a couple of years by raising it to power 100😂. I don’t … Read More

Game of chance

So, we finally get to rest from the noise of Game of Thrones as the final episode was recently released. One thing I noticed is the fact that almost everyone was kinda disappointed with the way it ended, with some … Read More

Hang your gloves!

I’ve often been nauseated over hearing from various people that it’s a must to argue/fight in friendships/relationships and situationships😁 (topic for another day). I usually disagree very strongly with this assertion because it is pervesed! And usually, we humans, especially … Read More

We die here or move on?

As humans, we usually have tons of decisions to make every single day of our lives, in fact the entirety of our lives is a compendium of decisions begging to be made, from deciding to get out of bed, to … Read More

I know your best friend

It is an unarguable fact that friends make the world go round, the feelings and moments shared with them are usually so interesting and would be relished in years to come. Then there is always a very close pal or … Read More

Avoiding disappointment

Have you ever gotten someone to give you a vivid explanation or description of an item or person so much so that your levels of expectation rise to almost a hundred percent, only for those expectations to be shattered like … Read More