Today I’m telling you a story of how I wanted my 2020 to be and how it turned out. After school I wanted my NYSC just immediately but somethings happened and I couldn’t go when my friends went.

I was pained but there was nothing I could do to help myself at that point. I really wanted to go for NYSC, collect my own piece of the national cake and be done with it then move on with my life as I’ve planned but 2020 had a lot of things in store for me.

Feb 2020 I moved back home from school, I wanted to relocate to place I would be able to work and do things that inspire me but there was a pandemic and also in most african homes or communities it’s not ideal for a young unmarried lady to stay outside her father’s home expect for work reasons.

I had planned 2020 to be a year of work, get paid and travels but it brought me something that I wasn’t genuinely happy about, but there was no other choice than to be happy with what I’ve got. I got so bored I started thinking ill of myself, I would sleep because I didn’t want to think about anything, wake up press my phone do the same thing over and over again.

I couldn’t talk to anyone because in an African home as a young lady you can’t think about things not to talk of getting close to the term “depression ” because you still have parents doing things for you.

I liked the fact that I’ve my support system but I wanted to do things for my self and for them too but I can’t or couldn’t, so I started putting my thoughts into writing and it helped me get better at keeping my mental health In check.

This is to someone who have lost all hope in 2020, whose plans have failed, who has lost someone or something tangible in 2020. All hope isn’t lost, make 2021 a better year by restrategizing and following your goals with a guide or guides by your side and you will do just fine.



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