A friend of mine once said almost absentmindedly that he needed to get a wristwatch and that he’d get one at the market within the range of three hundred (#300) and five hundred naira (#500), he was left flabbergasted by my own bewilderment and he went on to defend his choice by saying ‘wristwatch is wristwatch’ so long as it does it’s job of telling time.

While I share the same sentiment of being prudent with spending, attributes such as durability, quality and of course style and class should always be put in perspective.
I went on to explain to my friend that a wristwatch isn’t just a wristwatch, there are wristwatches and of course, there are WRISTWATCHES!
I know because I once worked with a brand that sells quality designer wristwatches from nothing less than fifty thousand naira (#50,000) upward.

If it were to be just about the time telling ability of the watch, people won’t mind getting the cheapest one on the block but there are feelings attached to what we wear.

Overwhelming feelings of security, class and belongingness that cannot be overemphasised.

Note: the keyword here is ‘feelings’.

Christmas, though synonymous with the birth of Jesus Christ is quickly overshadowed by an euphoria much deeper than the original reason for the season.

Have you ever wondered why that during Christmas people are excited, spend time with loved ones and friends, there’s a lot of gift sharing, the average Chinedu in Lagos that has hustled all year travels down to his village several kilometres away as though it is where Jesus was born?

It is because beyond the rekindling of salvation memoirs Christmas brings, it comes with a feeling!
A feeling of love, friendship and giving.

You’d agree with me that these accompanying feelings make Christmas different and uniquely celebrated all over the world.

Pay attention ๐Ÿ‘‡

Dear business owner, do you know that if your potential and existing clients/customers do not identify a feeling that resonates with them in the ambiance of your products and services, it’s only a matter of time before they kiss you goodbye and hop on to your closest competitor?

I’m sure you’ve seen some adverts on TV that seem quite unrelated to the particular product being advertised..yeah?
It’s most definitely because the feeling attached to the product was being relayed and not the product itself.

Think about this ๐Ÿ‘‡
The way you’d pose and burst with confidence when adorning an original custom made, beautiful Louis Vuitton bag will be far different from how you’d pose if it’s a regular one you picked from a random online store, isn’t it?

Not that the LV bag is more sturdy or won’t do the job required of it just fine o, but, you sef, reason how your swags go different if you carry original LV bag nau๐Ÿ˜.

The way your shoulder will be up when spotting a bespoke Ralph Lauren shirt will be different from how high it’ll be if it’s one gotten off Emeka’s bend down boutique too.

Style, class and confidence are the feelings attached to the Ralph Lauren shirt, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s got better quality.

Those are just the intricacies of feelings attached to an original product.

The same way the birth of Christ (Product) gives way to love, bonding and sharing (Feelings) during Christmas is the same way your product and services should be powered by something more unexplainable and relational to your clients in 2021.

Wait fest!
What 3 feelings do you think your products or services elicit off your clients?

No answer? ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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