As families, relationships and friendships have been ruined, this five lettered word goes beyond the words of the mouth. Many of us don’t want to accept this, but let’s be the sorry saying sort. We all know people who are stubborn and full of ego like I’m find it really hard to say sorry, because even though we know we’re wrong, we believe we’re right.

It was hard for me to begin to say sorry.
In fact, it was very awkward when I started, but I discovered that saying sorry has had a lot of conflict buried in the past, and that it still doing its job. I’m very stubborn, that I know, and I don’t have to be told, saying “I’m sorry” was a big problem and I’d just say it the way I wanted to say it and not be remorseful, yeah I did that a lot, but when I found someone who would apologize when I did him wrong, I think my attitude changed.

Now you’re saying that a guy has changed her, no he didn’t change me but his choice of words and values did. I would pick fights with him because I wanted to hear him say sorry and boom because he doesn’t want me to get upset he would say sorry, then I began to wonder if we are both okay.

I asked him about it and he just told me “you can’t get me mad” and I’m like kilon se bobo yii (what’s wrong with this guy?), who does he think he is, lol, I was still asking myself the “who” question when the “when, who and why” question  came up.

Then I figured out he’s someone who’s learned the hard way to say sorry, and that’s how my outlook shifted. I started putting the five lettered words in my day to day interactions with people and I think it helped me.

I’m not trying to tell you to just say sorry, I’m asking you to say it because you mean it and not because you want the person you’re having issues with shut their mouth up. Let the change start from you by being a sorry saying sort.

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