One of the reasons I don’t like being called a motivational speaker is because one of my bosses usually says ‘if you motivate an idiot, you will have a motivated idiot’.

It got me thinking, and I noticed that, once motivated, it takes just about 48-96 hours for whoever was motivated to suffer a relapse due to ‘some reasons’ best known to the person, making them revert to the status quo.

I came to understand that Likeness will make you pick interest in a thing or person, love will make you feel attached to them.

Unfortunately, love is never enough.
Love will fade, in fact, love will die danu danu.

Understand that, like love motivation is also an emotion. It is a feeling that makes you feel inspired to take action.

Feelings are fickle, they come and go. You cannot feel motivated all the time. There will be times when you feel down, uninspired, and want to just get away or do nothing at all.

Las las, only a few persons are able to see out whatever course it is they have been motivated for, those few people only backed up their motivation when it ran low with a powerful tool I will mention soon.

You want to know what will keep you hanging on to who or what you love at that point you feel your motivation tank running low right?

It is commitment!

Commitment that stems from consistency.

Note at this point that it is the Ability to come to terms and be consistent with your decisions is what brings about commitment.

It only comes as a result of putting in what I call CID Efforts.


Those are what will separate the wheat from the chaff when the going gets tough, when love has vanished into thin air and when motivation is low.

I know you love that person, they give you butterflies, I know you love the new course you embarked upon bhet do you have the unwavering ability to ‘die there’ when it’s no longer looking like it?
When the butterflies have mysteriously turned to bats?
When supposed love has now turned to stress and disdain?

Remember, if you’re not George Finidi, don’t start what you can’t finish. (Psquare, 2005).

Use CID Efforts to develop healthy habits and working systems that will help you achieve results even when you feel unmotivated, you can thank me later, or just do it now😁.

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