Do you know why God doesn’t answer some prayers?

It is because the answers to some of the prayers will give birth to repercussions fatal and brutal.

Picture this:
Solomon is praying and asking God to kill the enemy stopping him from getting a job and while still praying he falls, vibrates on the floor thrice (like in nollywood) and white foam starts pouring from his mouth, in a couple of seconds he gives up the ghost, you might be forced to ask why and how did that happen.

Well, Solomon hadn’t been telling anyone he needed a job, neither was he dropping of his CV in different organisations to show seriousness, in fact, he usually concludes in his heart that since he finished with a 3rd class, he won’t get a chance anyway, how on earth was he going to get a job that way?

So, I’d ask, who was Solomon’s enemy? (Just answer in your mind).

Ever heard of the word: self sabotage?

It is very evident in people across all works of life, some don’t even know they wallow in it.


You will always make sure things happen as you feel and believe deep down inside of you and if deep down inside of you, is a believe or feeling of Inadequacy and a feeling of low self-worth, Hopelessness,
Helplessness, Undervaluing the reward you deserve, Fear of failure and looking stupid/unattractive, Fear of success and Shame, permit me to say congratulations, you are on the path of self sabotage.

Self sabotage will make you Freeze rather than act, Run away when you should stay, Hide your face when you should show it, Not act when you should, Perform below your capabilities, Procrastinate when you should beDOing, Pick fights you shouldn’t, Not show up when you should, Drown in self-pity,
Not able to stand up for yourself,
Become Indecisive and worry excessively.

The list is endless but I’m sure you probably picked out a thing or two that resonates with you and if you take a moment to think about it, that may be what is standing between you and your business breakthrough, health and wellbeing, relationships, money, and possibly altogether….yourself.

Can I stop stopping myself?

The answer is an emphatic YES.

There are a thousand and one points and techniques I could mention to help but it all comes with a constant denominator….YOU.

In other words, YOU will have to make efforts to put them to work by understanding YOU, fixing YOUR sense of self-worth and becoming a healthy assertive person.

When you act in an assertive way, you act out of strength, with the right mindset and awareness that you are as valuable as any other person in the universe.

By so doing, you are open minded to constantly do things that move you forward such as Facing your fears, Not running away from your past, Taking full responsibility for your life, Saying NO without feeling bad, Becoming proactive and Living in the present moment.

Remember Joseph Israel?
Yeah, the one sold into slavery by his brothers.

He never stopped himself despite all seemingly negative things that happened around him, in that while he was in POTIPHAR’S HOUSE as a slave, he was the head of the slaves, when he got into PRISON, he became head of the prisoners and when he got to the PALACE, he became PRIME MINISTER.

You’re not even a slave or in prison o, so, will you still keep stopping yourself?

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