I know one person who has successfully shattered dreams of many and made a whole lot of others become like the Israelites who unnecessarily elongated a journey of a couple of years by raising it to power 100😂.

I don’t know his/her exact name but I’ve heard many people call him/her THEY!

They said….
I’m sure you’re familiar with him now.

He probably scared the hell out of you when you were young or made you give up on a dream when you became older.

One undeniable fact is that THEY usually come in form of an elderly person, expert, friend, confidant or just a random child of belzeebub.

Whichever form THEY decide to appear in, their sole aim is usually to analyse your situation (sometimes, they dont analyse anything o😏) and transfer THEIR fears, insecurities, concerns and failures on to you in such a way that you begin to accept it as your OWN reality.

You need relationship advice…THEY say all men are scum, unknown to you, THEY are only a bitter divorcee who swore never to see anything good in men again.

You want to start a business….THEY tell you how it’s impossible to be achieved, you nod head in agreement like agama lizard forgetting that THEY never did a business and failed, let alone succeed.

You’ve got a great vision/idea, you share.
THEY find cunny ways to steal it off you or make you give up the idea to follow theirs.

Sometimes, THEY come in form of parents or close relations who out of THEIR genuine love and concern throw you into genuine trouble till you become a source of concern.

Am I trying to insinuate that THEY are always wrong?
Of course not!
THEY sometimes help you flesh things up, open your eyes the more and help you scale up, but remember the keyword: sometimes!

You really don’t want to live your life based on half chances, do you?

How then do you put THEY in check?


Be sure about that decision, so much so that the positive or negative affirmations of anyone has little or no effect on you.

Baring in mind that if it turns out good, you win, if it turns out bad, you learn.

If you’re SURE…don’t let anyone’s opinion make you think otherwise!

The reason why THEY will out muscle you and make you snap out is because you aren’t sure and you’re seeking validation.

Your validation should come from within, but if it doesn’t, THEY sell something else to you.

THEY may be right, you may be wrong, THEY may be wrong, you maybe right!

As long as you’re sure, ask them:

The answer will never be maybe!😉
The answer will be a definite YES or NO.
Therein lies your validation.

So, tell me, what did THEY say?
Will you listen to them or to YOU?


  1. Ibukun

    I’ll listen to me
    Thanks for the write up sir

  2. Abayomi


  3. Deborah

    Umm. Then I begin to listern to myself.

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