So, we finally get to rest from the noise of Game of Thrones as the final episode was recently released.

One thing I noticed is the fact that almost everyone was kinda disappointed with the way it ended, with some people calling for it to be rewritten, someone even expressed his dissatisfaction as he joked that after all the stress and fights, it was Ayefele that sat on the throne🌚.

For those who haven’t watched, I’ll try as much as possible not to be a spoiler for the last episode of game of thrones, I barely watched 5 scenes…yeah, scenes and not even episodes from the entire feem anyway🤣, so, don’t expect much, I’d rather that you follow my thoughts and get the message.

Apparently, everyone expected someone to sit on the throne which didn’t happen and it got me thinking about 2 things🤔.

First and by the way is the fact that we have been sold a lie by nollywood that everything must end well as we envisaged from watching 3 scenes from a movie.
Secondly and more importantly is that:

The wise man enthused in the holy writ that

You would always expect the fastest person to win the race, the strongest the battle. The most intelligent to have the best things in life. But that is not the way. Our abilities are no guarantee to success. Time and chance happen to them all.

Understanding that there appears to be a randomness about human existence which sometimes makes one not get what one deserves and outcomes happen unexpectedly and suddenly will shed more light as to why the guy with first class is roaming the streets jobless and the guy with a pass is balling.

Do I therefore mean that we should resign our lives to be a function of time and chance?
Far from it!!!

I’d rather like you to understand that because of time and chance, there is no way one can prepare for victorious living where we are always guaranteed success, some people are going to get hurt, other people are going to get lucky, and you won’t find any rhyme or reason in it, nor any justice.

So, what’s my advice?
Read on👇

It is never really about striving hard in this life that will make things happen for you, rather it is more about paying attention to the opportunities that present themselves to you and to be found doing the right thing when that time arises. To constantly stay alert with the rythm of your life, paying attention to new connections, associates, scenarios in your life as they may very well be the window of breakthrough/opportunity that has been brought your way to change the route of your situation and transform your story.

When you look at some of the most successful people or those who have accomplished what they desired in this world, they were going about their ordinary day to day lives, doing what they do with excellence until one day they were simply spotted by a talent scouter, the man or woman of their dreams, that key business angel who literally took their Game to the next level by chance.

So, beloved, as much as you strive for excellence, pursuing your dreams with all sincerity of purpose, remember that life is a game of chance, it doesn’t matter how qualified or unqualified you are, it all depends on how well you make use of the times and chances presented you.

Got any thoughts on this?
I’ll be awaiting your comment!


  1. Muyiwa

    Indeed time and chance happens to them all. We’ve been too glued to academic success at all cost neglecting every business opportunities that comes our way.

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