I’ve often been nauseated over hearing from various people that it’s a must to argue/fight in friendships/relationships and situationshipsšŸ˜ (topic for another day).

I usually disagree very strongly with this assertion because it is pervesed!

And usually, we humans, especially Nigerians have this annoying tendency to accepting what is wrong as right because everyone is doing it…smh

Some even go further into the realms of gullibility by claiming that the fights and heated arguments strengthen the friendship/relationship or whatever kind of ship it is.

I’m forced to open my mouth wide like someone who’s change has just been taken away by a gala seller inside lagos traffic šŸ˜©.

My friend…It is a lack of innate understanding and an understanding of others that makes you reason that way.

Without mincing words, if you are a supporter of or actively engage with this school of thought, you lack a two fold understanding.

Yes please!

It is very very possible to be with a person for years without having unnecessary arguments and fights.

If you think otherwise, send me your address, I want to send you one hot, sweet knockšŸ˜

Because something is hard doesn’t translate it to being impossible!

Rather than venting unnecessary anger, try to understand that:

You can channel your hot temper into the national grid!

Nobody appointed you on some matters, so, please keep your disappointment in others to yourself!

It is not everytime you shu be doing gragra, patience they say. . . . Is a virtue!

I know you have plenty shoes already, but there’s no harm in putting yourself in the shoes of others too.

Except you want to participate in high jump event at the Olympics, stop jumping into conclusions.

Again, I say, it may seem hard, but it is possible to stop embarrassing yourself by putting up the ‘I am not normal attitude’ or giving us ‘I no go gree’ style.

This life is like knicker…very short, don’t waste it engaging in time wasting and unnecessary arguments.

View all things from a stand point of understanding!

Expend the small energy you have on frying dodo rather than using it to shout and fight unnecessarily biko.

It is very possible to keep long and healthy relationships devoid of drama, arguments and fights.

The apostle said “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.”

Whatever is dependent on you might be difficult but is definitely achievable.


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