As humans, we usually have tons of decisions to make every single day of our lives, in fact the entirety of our lives is a compendium of decisions begging to be made, from deciding to get out of bed, to deciding on what to eat, wear, grab the phone, see this post and decide to read it and even deciding wether to read it to the end.

I believe so strongly that we usually have moments when we have to take some really hard decisions in the course of our lives and one of such is wether to give up on a cause or hang on.

I tell you, there is almost no other unpleasant situation you want to find yourself in like having to decide whether a cause is valuable enough to keep pressing on or just dump the idea.

Really, there are a lot of tunnels that have no transformer, let alone light at the end while there are others very well lit at the end, albeit with many detours to be taken before arriving at illumination.

You can imagine how Thomas Edison must have felt making those 10,000 decisions of not moving on when he didn’t get results from his cause🤔.

On the other hand, have you heard the story of uncle Darby?

Here’s the story:
Darby’s uncle had gone West to Colorado during the gold rush days and eventually came across gold ore. In the need of mining machinery to dig up more gold, Darby’s uncle returned home to Maryland to secure financing for the machinery. While there, he also was able to enlist Darby’s help. Once financing was secured, Darby and his uncle returned to Colorado to work the mine.

Initially, things were going well. The first remnants of gold they discovered were shipped to a smelter and the returns provided a promise that they could have one of Colorado’s richest mines. A few more gold discoveries like the first, could clear Darby and his uncle of all their debt and leave them very rich.

Needless to say, they were hopeful as they continued to drill.

Then the unbelievable happened. The vein of gold ore they had been successfully drilling just disappeared. Confident they would find more gold Darby and his uncle continued to drill, day after day, with no luck.

Every day of drilling drove them both deeper into debt and until finally, they both decided to QUIT! They sold the drilling machinery to a nearby junkman and returned home.

The junkman wasn’t convinced that their mine had no gold, so he hired a mining engineer to get an expert opinion before breaking down all of the drilling machinery to be sold. The engineer’s findings were shocking! He found that the vein of gold ore that Darby and his uncle had been seeking, was just THREE FEET from where they had stopped drilling!

The junkman decided to continue drilling and that is exactly where the gold was found!


I really don’t have a one size fits all solution but I do have a suggestion.

Follow me!👇

The omens are usually available to us while faced with decision making situations either clearly or subtly but we sometimes allow emotions take us over, paving way for us to make the wrong decision.

I can however tell you that much wisdom and insight is needed to decipher between both choices and sometimes, we only need to look at the reason WHY we set out on the cause in the first place.

So, if you want to ‘die here’ ask your self if your WHY is stronger than the how, same with if you want to ‘move on’.

Cheers to your unlimited success!

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