It is an unarguable fact that friends make the world go round, the feelings and moments shared with them are usually so interesting and would be relished in years to come.

Then there is always a very close pal or buddy with whom we share so much bond with over the course of very many years, so much so that we tecnically or logically bequeath them with the title of ‘my best friend’.

We get to do a whole lot of things together as a result of their new found status in our lives…everything looks cool.

What we don’t realise actually is that, there is a summation of habits, qualities and values which we feel we can connect with, that is what basically makes up the choice of our best friends.

Now, these habits, qualities and values are usually a reflection of our ATTITUDE.

While I can’t categorically tell you that your best friend’s name is Emmanuel, Elizabeth, Adeola or Dolapo, I can categorically tell you that your best friend is your ATTITUDE.

Yeah, you read that right or you can go back to read the line again😁.

Attitude can simply be seen as your disposition or state of mind towards people, events or activities.

Now, think about it, your disposition or state of mind controls how you behave, it controls your habits and also your values, the same qualities you most definitely saw in whom you decided to become best friends with…does that ring a bell?

If there was no synchronisation of attitudes between the both of you, then there is no way you would have gladly become friends in the first place.

Best friends aren’t meant to leave each other right?
But then, we live on a world where change is the only constant thing, which means that best friends today can turnioniown and become best enemies tomorrow. 😩

Guess what?
Your attitude will never leave, even when every other person does.

When people say show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are, what they are actually seeing is the attitude and not the physique of your friend.

So, I believe, since putting your friends forward can tell a lot about you, there could be observational flaws but putting your best friend forward could provide a more detailed description of you albeit, it could still be flawed, how much more if your own attitude is put forward?

The accuracy of the description of you spikes to almost a 95% and I need not tell you the good or bad consequences of whatever description is gotten of you🌚.

So, the question is, would you rather work on Bolu, Mary, Tayo, Mojeed, Dotun, your best friends who when put forward will most definitely represent a flawed version of you or you’d rather work on refining your attitude which has the capacity to describe you anywhere and anytime more accurately than anyone?

I’ll be awaiting your response 😉

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  1. Olamide Grace

    Refining my attitude which has the capacity to describe me

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