Have you ever gotten someone to give you a vivid explanation or description of an item or person so much so that your levels of expectation rise to almost a hundred percent, only for those expectations to be shattered like an egg dropped from a 3 storeyied building?

Oh well, such and many more experiences are what give birth to experiencing disappointments.

We incessantly experience disappointments from family, friends, associates and sometimes surprisingly, ourselves!

How then do we avoid disappointment?

While there are no sure fire ways to completely avoid disappointments, here is a hack for you.

Stay with me!

Why people get disappointed is because words are tied to pictures…

So, when a person talks, we listen and start to draw up images in our minds, these images then builds up excitement and expectations which when not met in the face of reality causes us to become a little taken aback and ultimately resort to asking questions.

You see these images but you are most definitely not aware of them, and ultimately, that’s the root cause of disappointment.

Paying attention to and controlling these images is one sure way to minimise disappointments.

You can of course learn to dream big but you’d do just fine by also learning how to apply caution and not push the limits.

After all said, disappointments can seem to be an inevitable phenomenon in our life journey as we might not be able to exert control over certain things, however, being discouraged after a dose of disappointment is a choice.

Cheers to your unlimited success!

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