I once had a close ally with whom I shared many similarities, thoughts, ideas and sentiments… (you know that falling in love kinda feeling where everything will just be turnioniown 🀣).

This ally of mine happened to have quite a handful of weaknesses but the question is…who doesn’t?
I was actually very blind to those weaknesses and even got to a point of thinking they were non existent, I even became my friend’s brand ambassador and senior special assistant on defense, justification and support as I became very quick to justify, defend or support his actions however good or bad.

Fast forward to a few months later, village people decided to construct a bridge between our friendship 🌚.

It turned out that my friend had been involved in a skirmish with a couple of persons whom I was also close to and the need to solve the issues arose which led to my somewhat direct involvement in the matter.

Shey the story is sweeting you sha?😁

Stay with me!

Upon trying to get things settled, I got the shock of my life.
I had had to sit down to listen and understand how that my friend had so many flaws that I never saw or imagined which ultimately led to the issues that arose.
How come?πŸ€”

I resolved in my mind to start watching my friend closely for the next couple of days to confirm these things I heard before talking to my friend about them.

Be sure enough that just in a matter of days, I had seen so many magnified flaws and weaknesses in my friend enough to make a movie and quite unfortunately, I was beginning to thread on the part of building up resentment for my friend.

Quite unfortunate isn’t it?

The questions are:
Were these weaknesses there initially? ….Yes!

Did I see them?…..probably not!

Did it have a negative effect on our relationship?…certainly not!

Then, what went wrong?
I heard, acted upon what I heard, started studying the situation based on what I heard, I saw the result of what I heard and of course, what I heard gave birth to a new dimension of what I saw and perceived.

Once again, quite unfortunate isn’t it?

Now, that’s my story on what I heard, what’s your story on what you heard?

I know at this point, you might be thinking and probably regretting about how you severed a relationship simply based on something you heard which might not have been close to the truth.

What I have come to realize about we humans is that the things we hear, which we ought to have control over are what we surprisingly allow to control us.

Seeing that we are very susceptible to taking actions based on what we hear or have heard in the past, prejudice is born, and when what we heard is birthed physically for us to see, no matter how little, we take it as confirmation, we then resolve to say things like…..’You see now’, I’ve always known’, ‘shebi, I said it’.

Please, mechounu there!😏
Don’t allow devil to use you anymore biko.

You didn’t see or say anything, you saw what you saw because you heard it initially and your mind was never going to rest until you saw it manifest physically.
It’s just simple law of attraction.

Many of us have made enemies with people with whom we had close relationships with and on some funny instances, with people we’ve never met, simply because, we ‘heard’ something, unfortunately these things we heard were possibly half truths or outright over bloated lies.

It is good that we inculcate the habit of filtering what we give ears to because, what we give ears to, we’d give eyes to, and what we give eyes to, we give in to.

It is very important to have healthy relationships, be in the right frame of mind and consistently minding our business or busyness, quite interestingly, what you hear has a huge role to play in seeing these achieved.

So, permit me to ask you….what do you hear?

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