Thanks for reading up on the part 1 of lessons from my hikexperience, here’s the much anticipated concluding part.

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Lesson 3
Going up is hard: you must have heard or probably currently experiencing this, there’s no such thing as overnight success.
What we call overnight success is a result of countless sleepless nights, many near ‘giving up’ moments, several rejections and dejections, unrecordable disappointments and many more.

Building success and moving to the top looks interesting and everyone desires it, until you get to the point of starting and it starts looking dirty.

Lesson 4
There will be moments of illusive self doubt: After jumping from one rock to another, I got to a point where the space between the rock I was to jump to seemed so far away from the one I was standing on.
I stood there confused, scared and doubting my ability to jump as if it wasn’t me that jumped all the previous ones.
It took extreme courage for me to eventually move, but that didn’t happen until I assured myself that I can do it.

It’s OK to be caught up in moments of self doubt,however, something is wrong somewhere if you don’t find enough reasons to get out of it.

Lesson 5
Going down is waaaaayyyyy easy: It took over an hour for the successful climbers to get to the top, but in less than fifteen minutes, we were back to ground zero.
Quite interesting!

Even as we labor to build our careers to get to the highest point possible, we also ought to be wary of actions, persons and situations that can bring it down cos building a house takes hours of labor but pulling it down could be in a twinkle of an eye.

Lesson 6
Think safety: Unfortunately, we had two casualties during the hike and the more experienced hikers admitted they wouldn’t have jumped from where they did.

In a bid to get more adventurous, to scale up business and even matters such as falling in love, you’ve got to think safety, take your heart but use your brain.

Lesson 7
Surround yourself with equal/higher level of hunger: I was in the company of two persons and it turned out to be all I needed to move when I was stuck, they kept on going and at the time they got to the top of the mountain, I felt I had no choice than to join them.

The saying, show me your friend/company and I’ll tell you your future still remains valid.

There you have it😊.

Which of the lessons stuck with you the most?

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