There are a thousand and one desirable cities to live in world over either because of the weather, landscape, people or other attributes that appeals to us.

There are however, 2 cities no one should venture trying to live in, one is electricity (Lol, you didn’t see that coming did you?..that’s on a lighter note).

The second city you don’t want to live in if you want to retain your sanity isn’t Dhaka, Damascus or Lagos either but one called *toxicity*.

Though defined as the extent to which something is poisonous or harmful, toxicity transcends the definition as it can become evident in real time, real life and real people.

The city doesn’t necessarily need so many administrators or amenities as just one person is capable of carrying out the task of being a province, state, district or local government area where toxicity is situated…(.talk about a mobile city😂).

Exaggeration, judge mentalism, manipulation, the ‘I am never wrong’ attitude, inconsistency among other things are what you get from associating with toxicity as against the peace and tranquility you’ll expect to have in any other city of your choice.

It even gets more interesting that you really don’t have to travel all the way to toxicity, it comes to you in guise of a friend, neighbor, colleague and many more.

Having at least or more than one person representing this city in your life would sure be detrimental to your health and wellness.

The solution?

If it’s not the city you wish to live in, move out of it now.

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