If you live in or visit Jos, or any part of plateau state without going on an adventure, you’ll have just been like a pilgrim who went to mecca but didn’t perform the ritual of stoning the devil at Ka’aba, the trip will be nothing short of incomplete.

There are too many mountains and rocks scattered all over the plateau, from Gog and Magog to Riyom rocks to the legendary shere hills which played host to the 2007 Gulder Ultimate Search contest among many other nameless ones scattered all over (I won’t be surprised if I learn one is called rock of ages one day sha…shrugs).

A couple of weekends back, I had decided to not take life too seriously (not like I did before anyway 😂) and go hiking.

It wasn’t my first though, as I had been on one hiking adventure to an unnamed mountain which saw me jumping, crawling, even using my bombom to move at some point (what’s the English for that kind of movement please?), however, it was my first with the trailblazers group.

While I am not an expert in archaeology or geology, the experience from my mountain climbingology taught me a couple of lessons which I’d like to share with you as you kick off in the new week and indeed for a long time to come.

Let’s go a hiking 😉!

Lesson 1:
Determination is key: After my first hike, I missed out on some others either because I wasn’t chanced or the location was pretty far from my base, but once I heard about this particular one, I made up my mind to be there and you know this thing about the universe standing still for you to achieve your dreams when you’re determined?… E dey work o.

Despite the proximity, I got an engagement somewhere close to the meeting point of the hike a day before and there was sure no way I’ll miss the hike so far I didn’t inform village people before leaving home😁.

Once you’re determined, things begin to fall in place, all in your favor.

Lesson 2:
Delay and disappointments will come.

That was how we couldn’t reach the person who ought to have provided us with canoes to cross the river o, we resorted to using leg-edis Benz which made everything initially look like a bad day for me, occasional stops at some points to admire nature and take pictures actually got on my nerves but going back home wasn’t one of the options in my quest, so I opted to use more of the patience I took along.

When things don’t happen as fast as we want or as perfectly as imagined, a little bit of patience might just be all we need to keep going.

Lesson 3:

To be continued 😁…….


  1. Oyindasola Elizabeth

    Nice one! I’m a fan of your write ups! Please part 2 sharply.

  2. Abayomi

    let’s get the next side of the lesson.

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