So, Na dem dey rush us has been next in line in the never ending array of slang that make waves in Nigeria over the past few days.

Boys, girls, old, young and all have even gone as far as remixing it to suit their personal taste and positions.

Apparently, it turns out that whether we admit it or not, we have an inner craving/desire to be rushed (Abi I lie😁), albeit in different manners and direction.

From the fine lady down the street who wants attention to the cute guy on the other street whom girls won’t stop flocking around to that business owner who never rests because customers never cease.

It is however worthy of note that ants don’t just flock around sugar because of it’s color or shape, if it was so, salt would be endearing to them as well.

The value to be derived from sugar is what makes ants ‘rush’ it.

The begging question then is, what value are you bringing to the table to make you irresistible thereby qualifying you to be ‘rushed’?

As a business owner, employee, fine boy or fine geh, what qualities would you be delivering, what values will you be offering, what solutions would you be proffering when the tide of rushing turns to you?

In the answers to those questions lies your magic, just that it has to be answered before they rush you!

Oya, what are people rushing about you😁.. Drop a comment 👇🏽.

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