I remember listening to the song ‘yahooze’ many years ago and it had the particular line….’tim ba hammer, first thing na hummer’.
Meaning, when I hammer, first thing I’ll buy is a hummer jeep.
Oh well, that seemed to be the clue many people had been waiting for, as everybody suddenly wanted to hammer.
Hammer in this context actually refers to hitting it big, catching a big fish, getting a big client or sealing up a big deal.
This, of course is a quite noble cause as everyone wants to live a bigger and better life than they currently are living and the seemingly easy way to go about it is by aiming or hoping to hit it big.
Ask the average young guy or lady doing one thing or the other what s/he hopes to achieve from this endeavors and you’ll most definitely get a response of hitting it bag (that’s probably why it’s called hammer 🔨).
Well, the problem is not wanting to hammer but the overwhelming pressure that many nail themselves to just because the hammer hasn’t arrived yet.
Sometimes, seeing our friends, colleagues or contemporaries already living the kind of life we dream of sends us into a state of ironulisation (never mind, that word was made up by me and it simply means ‘worry’ ☺).
Just before you throw in the towel or fulfill that very pressing desire to quit or runaway, let me announce to you that those people who you think have hit it big aren’t even as successful as they hoped to be (yeah, you heard me right).
If you know how big the dreams of these other person’s are, their expectations and all, you’ll understand that no one actually gets a top notch result, they only get a high level of results that are worth their previous efforts and they look forward to doing and getting better overtime.
So, just before you quit or do something rather uninteresting, remember that you have so much greatness inside you, and the world is expecting you to unleash it.
Doing anything funny before you hammer might be a subtle way of harming yourself… watch it.

Do enjoy the rest of the week.

Good morning!

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