I’m cock sure you’re singing the song already.. smiles.
This looks like an ordinary song, but I tell you, there are a couple of things I’ve been able to draw out of the song over the past few years I’ve heard, sang and heard other people sing it.
Firstly, the song clearly shows a statement of submission to the will of God irrespective of the situation, with a promise to praise him unconditionally irrespective of the outcome of what we might be going through, hence the content of the song goes; no matter what I face, when trouble comes my way, I will praise the Lord.
In a funny twist of events, the remix to that song came out and it became an instant hit, such that the original version got phased out in little or no time, so, everybody goes….no matter what I face, when success comes my way, I will praise the Lord.
Chai, I’m just left to wonder if it’s a very strong desire to be positive that brought about this change or it was out of sheer desperation to escape unpalatable experiences that brought about this merix… Sorry, remix.
Whichever one it is for you, I wouldn’t know, but there is one thing constant that I know of and that is the fact that troubles and success, just like tomatoes and groundnut oil are necessary ingredients for out favorite Nigerian jollof, are also one of the basic ingredients that make life interesting and worth living.
Bending towards or thinking about it that it is only when success comes your way you’d praise God looks a bit of a disservice, I wonder what would happen when you have troubles…..oh, you want a trouble free life… sorry sah, sorry to bust your bubble cos the truth is you won’t get one.
Now the question is, would you be the same happy bubbly person when troubles comes your way the same way you’d be when success comes your way?
It all boils down to your attitude at this very point, display the right kind of attitude at all situations and you’ll see yourself channelling your reactions towards troubles and success in beautiful ways.
What will you do when trouble or success comes your way?
Feel free to drop your comment.
Do have a beautiful day!
Good morning.


  1. Moses kelvin Ji4ye

    Comment dropped freely.

  2. Mychael

    Hmmm…… It all boils down to our attitude.. Success and trouble are major component that gives life meaning.. All human pray for success but in success there’s iota of trouble.. Success is not success when trouble ain’t included…..

  3. Wale

    God bless you sir! Its was a wonderful write up. I must say I was singing d song b4 reading(lol). Attitude in worship is very key. And we must learn to display d right attitude in d place of worship. The story of Paul and silas says more.
    Greater heights I pray 4 u bro lekan.

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