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Hello you,It’s been a while since I posted a piece here. I deeply apologize for being off the grid for that long. Now that I’m back, I’d definitely make up for all the empty months. Please pray that I get inspired to write more often.

So earlier today, I was lost in thought. ( I have those days where I drift off for minutes just thinking and imagining lots of things).

For some reason, I was deeply lost in trying to understand what being beautiful meant; For those of you who are familiar with my posts, you’ll recall that I wrote a piece on beauty at some point.( You can check my previous post titled ‘9 points from my dream’).

We all live in a society where values are perversed daily and trends rule the world. We are in a generation where the media sets ‘the appropriate social guidelines’ for youths to follow. We live in a social community where all caution is thrown to the wind.

I’m not writing this piece to criticize social media or point out its flaws. I simply want to share my viewpoint on the misjudged concept of beauty.

As a young girl, growing up, I usually expected people to comment on my looks and my body just to give me a sense of validation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of that back then.( Well, looking back, I’m not shocked. I probably wouldn’t have noticed myself if I was a guy. There wasn’t much to admire back then before the lord took control .) I grew up believing that until somebody told me I was beautiful or my dress looked good or my shoes were dope, I wasn’t okay for the day.

I’m very sure that a lot of you reading this can identify with my past concerning this awkward sense of validation that most of us struggled with.

Growing Older, I had a very low self esteem. I always felt that I didn’t look good enough. I always felt that either my eyes were too small, or my forehead was too big, or my lower lip was too big, or my nose was too flat, or my body was not properly proportioned or my legs weren’t straight.

Whatever it was on any given day, it was a real struggle for me. I’d stand in front of the mirror staring at my flaws and wishing I could change them.

I’m sure a lot of us are going through this phase too; the inner want to do something about how we look.

Moving to the present, I have grown past my insecurities about my physical qualities. I’d tell you how.

At some point in my life, I suffered from very terrible depression. I degenerated into a shadow of a living being until God’s grace found me and changed me (P.s- I have a new post tagged ‘how grace found me’ cooking


Coming out of depression, I got to see life from a whole different angle.( For everyone who feels held down in life,depressed or broken, I promise you that if you give Jesus the opportunity to lead you out, your life will change its normal course , and you’ll find in depth joy. I promise you).

I got to see myself in the light of his word. I had the rare privilege of seeing myself through the eyes of God. I got to understand my life without the unattainable yardsticks that I set for myself at some point.

Sweetheart, I know how it feels when you wake up and the mirror tells you that you look good, and your camera says otherwise. I know what it feels like when you spend hours dressing up and your brother comes out of nowhere to tell you that you look like a monkey from the zoo . I totally understand. I’ve been there before

Now here’s the good part :-

Beauty is a seed that grows from your inside

Now, I know you’ve heard the phrase ‘beauty comes from the inside’ and if I quote it again, it’ll sound cliché. So maybe I wouldn’t quote it, and instead help you understand this concept.

Beauty is basically something which is pleasing or attractive by being perceived. Note that the perception of beauty isn’t limited to the eyes alone!

It is natural that when people ask you if a person is beautiful, it’s just impulsive to judge them by their facial build.

I’m not here to criticize that either, I just want to help you to see you how you ought to see yourself.

I’d tell you how I see myself; Growing out of depression through the help of God, I got to understand the real me.

I realized that I was a kind person with a very compassionate heart. I realized how much I loved to help people , encourage them and see the best in them. I realized that I had a teachable spirit and a listening ear and I deeply loved these things about myself( I can boldly say that I’m in love with every bit of my being).

So darling, the first step to feeling beautiful is finding yourself and falling in love with every part of it.

Now, when I look into the mirror, I’m moved beyond the fact that my eyes are small(tiny actually!… Applying eye-shadow is just a waste of time ), I’m fascinated by how my eyes lighten up whenever I’m excited. I’m awed at how my eyes glow when I’m doing something I love. I’m moved beyond the fact that I have a flat nose. I’m amazed at how I don’t even notice it whenever I take a picture. I have no idea how I don’t notice that my lower lip is a bit big. I’m stunned at how amazing they look when I smile ( And I must admit that my smile is one of the most beautiful of God’s creations). My big forehead doesn’t even bother me anymore. These days, I flaunt it happily as the south-western regional coordinator of the forehead gang .

I stopped bothering about how bent my legs looked when I realized how awesome they looked in jeans. Same with my body which I always thought was way too big. Mehn,I’d do anything to keep this body now. (If you know, you know. Lol)

The second step is not judging your features in isolation. Your features were specially crafted by the perfect potter to work in perfect synergy. Your eyes were crafted in perfect proportion to your face, and your face was moulded in the correct proportion to your body and you are beautiful!

Now that you know these, I’d really love if you could fall in love with your good heart, your dazzling smile and your amazing body, and motivate someone out there to fall in love with himself or herself.

And who knows; maybe the blind were created blind so we’d know that there’s more to beauty than meets the eye.

Dear reader, remember that I don’t take your blog visits for granted. I really appreciate that you took your time to read my post. I’d love you to subscribe to my blog to get notifications on my new posts. I’d appreciate if you could share this piece on your social media platforms too and I’d also love to have your feedback on this piece.

Till my next post and after, remember that you’re beautiful on the inside and out.

I love you!

Signed – The rare breed©

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