Failure is one of the most difficult things people of this generation tend to struggle with, most people give up on their lives and careers simply because they came across several challenges that brought an end to their quest in life which ultimately led to failure, here are 9 tips to help you in overcoming  failure.


Attitude is one of the basic characteristics people should possess, and as easy as it seems to be, people don’t just possess it, if you will succeed in life or even stay positive in life at all, your attitude has a large part to play, therefore, step up your attitude and you will see a lot of changes in and about you.


Most people might actually never succeed because they never take up the blame, instead of looking for how to correct their own mistakes,  they look for who to blame for each errors they commit, one of the major steps in overcoming failure is to stop blaming others for the mistake that you allowed and start telling yourself the truth and also take responsibility for your every mistake.


If truly you want to overcome failure then you need to look for something that drives you always, if you lack motivation in whatever you do then nothing will drive you and push you forward , and if nothing drives you, whatever you do is synonymous to a ticking time bomb.

Most people fail not because of what they don’t have but because they lack skills needed for being resourceful, in other words, they never learn to mange what they currently have in their possession but intend to create desires that would never exist. If you will ever join the list of successful people, then you must learn to manage what you have in order to attain productivity, stop saying if I had a car I will go to church forgetting someone out there doesn’t even have a leg and he has a happy life.

One of the key reasons for failure is procrastination,  you’ll find people postponing every thing for later and keep giving excuses each time they face challenges.

Get up and do whatever you have to do now and stop postponing them.

People give more attention to less important things instead of giving their full focus to things that are needful, they exchange their priorities for minorities forgetting these are two different words altogether, learn to stay focus and let your priority be your priority nothing more, nothing less.

In Luke 14:28, Jesus asked if a man will build a house without firstly doing an analysis of the cost or if a thief will go to steal and not first look for a way to bound the owner of the house first, this simple illustrative question shows us that we ought to learn to set goals and objectives in order to overcome failure even before it comes.

One of the ways people shoot themselves in the leg which sometimes leads to failure is the act of not paying attention to corrections, learning from the mistakes of others will go a long way in helping you avert the disaster of failure.

This is the most important and easiest thing to do if you intend to overcome failure, the moment you start accepting that you are better and smarter you’ll begin to succeed.

Check out a whole lot of successful individuals today,they began with believing in themselves, simply because the only one true person who cares for you more than any one and can help you succeed is you.
Endeavor to start working on your self with these few tips and watch failure become a thing of the past and you begin to experience success in all your endeavors.

Mojeed Damilola.

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