I remember the lyrics of a song which goes thus: “when a door is shut on us, we are filled with so much grief and bitterness and sometimes, tears; what we fail to realize is that, almost immediately, another door has been opened, the only problem is that, we are still caught up in a state of languish and dysphoria, which means we might not even notice the new opened door.

This is nothing but the truth; as the saying goes: every disappointment is a blessing, but then, how many of us over look the disappointment and see the blessing?… Very few! 

Many times, when we encounter ‘closed doors’ in business, school, marriage etc, we tend to have all sorts of things running through our minds which make us forget that it’s actually a call for us to do better and move to the new ‘opened door’ of doing better.

You might have missed or currently missing some opportunities simply because you’ve decided not to wipe your tears and see the new, clearer and brighter picture in front of you. 

I don’t know about you, but as for me, when a door is shut, it’s a wake up call for me to look within and find the new opened door! 

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Do enjoy the rest of the week. 

Good morning!

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