Oh yes…midweek muffin has been on break for sometime now though it was due to circumstances beyond my control, nonetheless, I learnt a lesson from my forced vacation (as the case maybe).

Many times, we exert so much energy in our work,business,academics, and many other things we find ourselves doing while forgetting the fact that we would pay for it one way or the other.
We sometimes chase money,fame,results and satisfaction at the expense of our bodies and mental framework, but what we don’t seem to remember is the fact that, after laying our hands on what we so much desire there is already a vacuum that should be filled in our lives and we know this deep down (even if we refuse to admit).

In the quest for wealth, many have lost their health, in the quest for fame,many have lost their real face, in the quest for acceptance, some have lost their self acceptance.
All these would have been reduced or totally avoided if we took out time to rest.
Taking a break has quite a handful of benefits out of which include opportunity to rest,having some time to one’s self, and sometimes, it helps in clearing off our clogged head.

So,when will you be taking the much desired break?
If this has blessed/inspired you,feel free to like,comment and share to someone who needs it.

Do enjoy the rest of the week.

Good morning!


  1. Olayemi Moses

    That’s it. Many don’t know. They are into all sort of works, draining of energy in order to be accepted by others just to be called ”hard- working individuals. Taking a break has help me a lot, mind you it comes with a lot of fear, questioning and challenges of mind (I.e your mind would question you if you are doing the right thing.) That is OK, in fact it is a good sign. Thanks Mr. Alabi Peter.

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