Imagine you find yourself in a dark room in the middle of the night, what comes to your mind first is lighting up the room, for you to see clearly and find your way in there, We all are created to be a light somewhere either in our family, to our generation or even at our workplace. And if we do not make use of this light, its really going to cause damage to some people who are supposed to benefit from the reflection of your light.
For example, you have been created to bring light to that dark part of your family but instead of you shinning, you decided to dwell in that darkness causing more havoc to what has been on ground. But the day you make a step on shinning that light then darkness disappears, because darkness cannot prevail where light is.

We are the light of the world, a city set upon a hill that can never be hidden, only if we take actions. Think of you having two or three people who are also shinning their light around you, WOW!!! that would have actually caused an illumination, What if we all stand out to shine the light in us, it would have been so beautiful that there wouldn’t be a place for darkness. Darkness can only stay where there is no light. 
During creation, God created two types of light, a brighter one for the day and a lesser light for the night, you can choose where to belong in the two but I believe standing as a brighter light reflects and illuminates more. That dark situation of your life can only be brightened up if you say NO to darkness by shinning.

Let your light so shine for the world to see, if you can shine for the world to see, they will never wish you gone because you are of a relevant use to them. Do not wait till things go wrong before you shine. Ignorance is not an excuse. It begins from Now. The little great things you do lightens up your life. SHINE IN GOD’S GLORY.

Have a lovely weekend.



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    Nice one

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