Last week, we looked at saying no to anger and we take it a bit further this week.
Peradventure, you find yourself in a situation where by someone is really mad at you, by default, human beings hate to be attacked and as such we find out that we either take the defensive or launch a counter attack!

When this happens, it leads to issues being blown out of proportion, believe me, many issues wouldn’t arise if one party knows exactly how to deal with the other angry party.

So the question is, how do I deal with an angry person without getting angry myself?

I was once at rage with a bus conductor who after a long journey in Lagos traffic decided to compound my woes by ‘joining me with another passenger for balance (you know how Lagos conductors can be), seeing that we were obviously furious, he was calm and resorted to pleading and series of explanations… At that stage, if anyone who was still angry probably had something up his/her sleeves aside the issue on ground.
I did learn a lesson from the conductor that very day and I’m sure you also picked something from the little encounter.
Next time you’re in such situation, you could either calm down, explain yourself or just apologize and say no to anger, you could also decide to have an eye for an eye which wouldn’t even solve the problem… Of course, the choice is yours!
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Enjoy the rest of the week!

Good morning!

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