Le Châtelier’s principle is a chemical principle that states that if a system in equilibrium is disturbed by changes in determining factors, such as temperature, pressure, and concentration of components, the system will tend to shift its equilibrium position so as to counteract the effect of the disturbance. This might look strange to non science students as this is a principle in Chemistry.
Isn’t it interesting that relationship is all about chemistry too? So, I’ll be linking relationship to chemistry today.

Keywords to be identified in the above principles are:




-Concentration of components


Analysing the principle above in terms of relationship; 

Equilibrium is defined as a state of stable condition in which forces cancel one another, before two people can decide to go into a relationship then there must have been an agreement of understanding and sorting out of differences so there can be a balance. 

When they eventually start the relationship, then factors that would determine if the relationship would work out or not also comes in, moving us to the next keyword.
Temperature: It is the degree of hotness or coldness of a body, in relationships there are people who would be mentors, advisers, critics and what have you for the relationship but these people can affect your relationship positively or negatively(hot or cold), you have to choose which you want. 
Pressure : This is defined as a force that compels, what kind of force drives you to take decisions in your relationship? Are you in a relationship because you want it or you’re in it for the right reasons? Do you treat your partner the way you do because a mentor asked you to? Or you initiated a break up because your relationship was criticized and you couldn’t stand it? This factor can also be positive or negative. 
Concentration of components: Concentration happens when the density of a solution is increased by removing the diluting material, solution or components in a relationship are the people involved in it. You can only be strong and stand your ground in your relationship if you’re able to do away with diluting materials(unwanted counsels, words that would discourage you, people that don’t want to see your relationship work out and the likes) 
Putting all these together, the kind of mentor you choose and people you turn to for advice about your relationship can affect the equilibrium of your relationship positively or negatively, the only thing that can shift the equilibrium position to counteract the effect of the disturbance is the system which is YOU, which means only you has the power to choose if who you’re giving a say about your relationship would affect it positively or negatively, if they have been affecting it negatively then, shift your equilibrium position to counteract the effect of their disturbance. 

Follow the Le Châtelier’s principle! 
Enjoy your weekend ?

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